Jessie and Angela Smith, Associate Pastors
Otto and Ana Porta, Spanish Pastors
Rob and Teri Salter, Associate Pastors
Gregory and Karli Lucky, Church Planters
Lucia Porta, Children's, Youth Pastor
Nidya and Marvin Garcia, Worship Leaders
Janette Barber, Special Events Coordinator
Angela Smith, Administration
​Mario Martinez Jr., Young Adults
From the local church they were sent out to many nations to bring the message of the Holy Spirit, Germany, England, Italy, Peru, Japan, Korea, Philippines, China, Hong Kong, Pakistan and Uganda. 
They have seen thousands filled with the Holy Spirit and speak in other tongues. The Lord brought them back to New Hope after serving overseas for a year as a missionary of New Hope to serve at the end of 2007. They were appointed as lead pastors at the beginning of 2010 and are moving forward with God’s plan for the local church and them being empowered with the Holy Spirit.
​Pastor Ron and Dalanda have been a part of New Hope since they were teenagers. They were married here in 1981 at the age of 19. They have served in many capacities in the church. Ushering, small group leader, youth pastor, marriage and family pastor, young adults pastor, seniors pastor, men’s director, women’s director, and overseeing many aspects of helps ministries in the church. 
​New Hope is all about seeing God exalted, seeing people encouraged, and lives empowered to live for God.​ We are a church that loves to worship God and study His Word. Keep reading for more on what we’re all about. Our vision is to exalt God, encourage one another, and empower believers.




Ron and Dalanda King, Lead Pastors

804 S. Lincoln Avenue, Corona, CA  92882

Service Times

Sundays  10:00 AM

hope for the city.

hope for the world.

​acts 1:8